卡萨迪娃精品酒店位于萨西(Sassi)城门外,坐落在马泰拉(Matera) 的历史中心。 这座古老建筑的每处环境都用当代的风格
使您感受到家庭氛围的呵护 ,您可以在正宗的早餐中享用当地特色食物,您可以从另一个角度看马泰拉市(Matera),我们十分确定,您可以再一次回归并经历一些不同的事情。


位于历史中心的腹地,与萨西世界遗产中心 (Unesco Heritage Sassi) 近在咫尺









8 间客房(3 间标准间、3 间高级间和2 间套房)中的每一间都专注于马泰拉生活的一种特征,客人将开始知道一种只有在它离开的时候才能解决的难题,这要归功于一本带有故事、带有一首诗和带有一本漫画书的小册子,这本小册子将向他透露 “和他一起睡过的人”是谁。



Depending on the type of room, you will get a view over the sassi. Although the venue is located in the historic area, you can access the venue from the Main Street quite easily, you will only need to climb down less than 10 steps. There is a cheap and safe parking in 5 min walking distance therefore also recommended to groups traveling with a car. Staff were very attentive and helpful. Breakfast is prepared without a kitchen but still very tasty with decent variety, and it comes with a very nice cups of coffees. You can have a breakfast at the terrace where you have a beautiful view over the sassi in case of good weather (you need to ask the staff to prepare a table outside otherwise you will get a table in the dining area).


Toshiki 11/11/2018

Eleanora was very welcoming and helpful with all our arrangements. The place is lovely, very well appointed. Location excellent. Breakfast had a very good array of foods.


Marlene 11/09/2018

Sleeping in a cave was cool. Lots of space inside our room and the hotel communal areas. Furnishings were very complimentary to the cave. Friendly and helpful staff. Very modern with wet room and separate led lit jacuzzi room. Tasty and simple continental breakfast. Very central to old city, with cathedral and main piazza just around the corner. Dehumidifiers in the room were a must to keep the air dry. Great views from the roof terrace and balcony.

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Ross 12/08/2018

Beautiful rooms in amazing property, very eclectic style from the owners who obviuolsy have pride in their place, view over the Sassi from some of the rooms. Great amenities, great location and sensational breakfast. Friendly staff

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Graham 08/06/2018

A really spacious appartment- suite, very nicely decorated & quiet, in a stylish small hotel. Some details like the portraits of past inhabitants of the town or the history of the room are worth noting! The view from the breakfast room was astonishing, yet it's Matera!! From every corner you stand the view is astonishing! What a jewel-town! The location of the hotel is superb.

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Stefanos 20/04/2018

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